Founder’s Story

About Daniel Stiel

Dan has spent an entire career in financial services marketing and product development, beginning as an intern in the marketing department at Bank of America while a student at USC’s School of Business, followed by 30+ years in entrepreneurial, marketing and payments leadership positions at some of America’s most successful companies and brands including First Interstate Bancorp/Wells Fargo, Visa, ConocoPhillips, Couche-Tard/Circle K, Xerox/Conduent.

Dan’s clients have included Citibank, Chrysler Financial, BP, Citgo, Motorola, key Walmart vendors, to name just a few.


Dan was the marketing and/or product lead on the teams responsible for the development and launch of many new “game-changing” financial services product and service innovations including:

  • The original launch of the Interlink POS and Cirrus ATM networks – First Interstate Bancorp
  • GPS-based mobile ordering & mobile POS solutions – Just Enjoy, Thought Focus
  • First to market with Visa Debit Cards on the west coast – First Interstate Bancorp
  • Co-brand and private-label retail credit cards – UNOCAL (76 Gasoline), Tosco, First Interstate Bancorp, Circle K
  • Prepaid Debit Mastercard cards – Circle K, Xerox/Conduent
  • Commercial, small business, and fleet credit cards – First Interstate Bancorp, UNOCAL, Visa, Tosco, BP, Circle K
  • Home equity loans and lines of credit – First Interstate Bancorp
  • ATMs and electronic banking innovations – Bank of America, First Interstate Bancorp, Circle K
  • MVNO/Prepaid cellular phone programs – Circle K
  • Self-serve bill payment kiosks – Circle K
  • Consumer and business payment product strategies – First Interstate Bancorp, UNOCAL, Visa, Tosco, Circle K
  • Checking & Deposit solutions for consumers and businesses – Bank of America, First Interstate Bancorp

Dan is also an accomplished commercial, automotive and architectural photographer.

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About Nevo Financial LLC

Dan formed Stiel Direct LLC, the predecessor to Nevo Financial LLC, in April 2000. The company grew to a nine-person creative and project team developing and managing literally thousands of successful marketing and sponsorship projects and campaigns for numerous Fortune 100 clients in automotive, financial services, energy, retailing, and technology.

The company primarily served clients with direct marketing and credit card and financial services-oriented product marketing services from offices in Scottsdale, New York City, Bentonville, and Irvine. Notable clients and brands served included Circle K, Citibank, Union 76, key Walmart vendors, Motorola, Tosco Corporation, Chrysler Financial, BP, ConocoPhillips, and many others.

Following retirement from full-time corporate life in 2017, Dan renamed Stiel Direct LLC to “Nevo Financial LLC” to better reflect its evolving focus as freelance subject-matter experts and strategic consultants in retail payments and financial services product development and marketing, incubator phase retail-centric payments concepts, payments, fintech and financial services opportunities.

Nevo Financial LLC and the team helps our financial services and retail clients see and act on the monumental trillion-dollar opportunities to optimize their customers’ payments experience holistically through strategies, products and services that are recognized for quality, performance and innovation in digital delivery, financial access, customer care, transaction processing, analytics, compliance, operations, security and risk management.

For more information, contact us at (512) 887-8435.